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We at Absolute Health Integrated Medical Group have established a foundation in the healthcare business for over 20 years. We have developed many highly successful multi-prong healthcare business establishments such as world class Integrated Medical Centers, Integrated Cancer Care Center, Non-surgical Pain Treatment Centers, Certified Organic health food shops and Certified Organic vegetable farms.


Absolute Nutraceutical, was founded by a multidisciplinary team of highly trained and experienced Doctors, Pharmacists, Researchers and Scientists from the Absolute Health Integrative Medical Group. In addition, our organization is also a member of the highly acclaimed Australia and North America's leading medicament and supplement research group.

These combinations allow us to get excess to the most updated research and innovative developments with regards to compounding standards. We are able to produce high grade nutraceutical products that are free from harmful additives plus with superior quality and effectiveness comparable to any pharmaceutical products that are of international standards.

We are truly aware of the importance of Quality and Safety. All Absolute Nutraceutical personnel are highly trained according to the best practice, quality assured Health Industry service standards. We strictly emphasize on safety, cleanliness, aseptic environment, accuracy, efficacy and precision for all our products. Our team pay extremely close attention to every detail of the production process and adhere to strict quality inspections for Quality Control assurance.


Our strength stretches far beyond service excellence, quality assurance and high product standards. We at Absolute Nutraceutical have developed an impressive customer care platform that includes after-sales service, research data support and more.

In addition to consultation and branding for new products, we have also added the following services for our highly values clients:

  • Turnkey consultation services to address all clients’ needs.
  • Concept setup and planning.
  • Consulting for compounding formula and breakdown of properties of each compound.
  • Access to our team of doctors, pharmacists and scientists.
  • Cooperation opportunities for joined formula development.
  • Product and sample development for customers.
  • Consultation on packaging and product design.
  • Product certification registration service (FDA and other product registration organizations such as Halal certification).
  • Production process handled by our team of skilled personnel.
  • Quality inspection process and product standard.
  • Standardized and efficient supply chain capabilities.
  • After sales service support, technical information and quality product assurance for all our clients.

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